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Teacher Training

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level? If you said "yes" then become a Totally Yoga and Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor.

Totally Yoga’s Teacher training is constructed to embrace and empower our trainees with the education to teach an authentic, safe, and inspiring vinyasa sequenced class for all levels and abilities.  Our training program walks you through learning the foundation of the asanas, supported by the history of yoga, and hands on healing touch.

Our program will give you hands on experience, and the foundation to create well-balanced and unique yoga classes, as you pursue your dream of becoming an instructor and share with others what Yoga has given you.

Totally Yoga's Certified Teacher training registration is now open and kicks off January 2019!

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Totally Yoga teacher training is constructed to embrace and empower yoga trainee’s with the education to teach an authentic, safe, effective, well balanced and inspiring vinyasa sequencing class for all levels. Our training program is based on the practice of linking one asana (poses) to the next by using the breath (prana).

This training will walk you through learning the foundation of the asana’s inspired by the history of yoga and give you the hands on experience and confidence needed.

History of yoga

Ability to teach with skill & confidence

Knowledge of basic anatomy & physiology

Proper asana alignment & modifications

Hands on adjustments in a classroom setting

Use of pranayama & meditative breath

How to use poses in a sequence

Our training totals 200 hours for Level 1 Teacher Training accreditation. You will be certified through Totally Yoga as well as Yoga Alliance, enabling you to teach anywhere. It is recommended that upon completion of training students register with Yoga Alliance and purchase individual liability insurance.

Each teacher in training is required to take a minimum of 40 Totally Yoga classes. You may take as many classes a week to compliment your work schedule however, it is required, that students have all 40 classes completed prior to receipt of your certificate. All studio classes taken during the training period are included in the cost of tuition (workshops/specialty classes are not included). Trainees will be responsible for regular membership after the 6 month program has ended.

Trainees will be required to assist a total of 10 classes. All assists must be completed in order to receive your certification. You have the option to take notes on the teacher’s queues and or adjust students. Additionally, trainees will assist with room setup/cleanup and checking students into the Class. *Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of class.

Trainees will be required to instruct a total of 5 community Classes. An RYT certified Totally Yoga instructor will be present to answer any questions and provide feedback/assistance where required (Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of class.)

Trainees will be required to complete CPR training.

All requirements must be completed before you will receive your certification. This will enable and give you the qualifications you need to teach any where you chose with your certification

$200 Deposit is required, the deposit is non-refundable but will be included as part of overall tuition.

Total tuition is $2,700 per student, discounted to $2,500 if paid in full by Dec 30, 2018. (Cost of noted books and CPR training are not included in Tuition Costs).

Monthly payment plans are available and tuition must be paid in full to receive certification.

No Refunds ~ No Exceptions

Cost of required training books.

Cost of CPR training.

Kicks off January 2019 - specific dates to be announced

Six week intensive training on Saturdays and Sundays.

Four monthly meetings on Saturdays (11:00AM to 5:00PM).

Totally Yoga’s Teacher Training Manual and additional handouts will be provided.

Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff: second edition (* students are responsible for purchase. not included in tuition)

Yoga Adjustments – Philosophy, Principles, and Techniques by Mark Stephens (* students are responsible for purchase. not included in tuition)